Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sketch #31 Dancing Water Fairy

While the boys have been working on their schoolwork, I have been drawing or coloring while I wait. This morning my 10 year old asked if I could draw a dwarf, fairy, elf, sprite, or something like that. I drew him a gnome sitting on a mushroom, that wasn't what he had in mind; so I drew him a water fairy dancing in a puddle, well that wasn't what he wanted either. Maybe next week I'll try drawing an elf or brownie or something and see how that goes over ;) Anyway, I finished the Water Fairy as you can see. I decided not to create a pattern on her wings so that she would stand out and the drawing would be less busy. I think though a light veining pattern, maybe in white or blueish white would look good.


Deb Ammerman said...

You could always take a piece of tracing paper and draw in the details on the wings and see if you would like it before you apply it to the drawing. I think it is really cute... hope you figure out what your 10 year old wanted. :)

Jean said...

It is wonderful seeing your drawings. You have a much lighter touch in these than what I've been doing, even than Deb's. Must be a good sign to have a request for a drawing. I agree that a little pattern in the fairy's wings might be nice.

Mom5Kids said...

Thanks, Deb and Jean!

What I will probably do, since I now have it on the computer, is mess with it in Photoshop. The trick will be to keep the texture, so I may go with some sort of overlay.

Deb - I love your comment to your dad about the frog's color, you 'could make it any color you wanted', then did so. That's one reason I love Photoshop!

I usually use a Pigma 03, but right now I can only find my 01 and 005, so the ink is a bit thinner than I usually use. The finest Sharpies seem to be about equivalent to a Pigma 05. Overall I like smaller individual shapes possibly.

It was neat for him to ask. He must have been contemplating my drawings for awhile, thinking about what he wanted me to draw for him. He had/is having a great deal of difficulty articulating what he wants. A few minutes ago he sat down to draw for me what he wants me to draw - now that's interesting, if he can draw what he wants me to, what does he need me for ;)

Mom5Kids said...

Turns out he wants a whole scene! Geeze, give an inch take a mile ;D