Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It has been pouring, here are two examples of the volume of water. Kinda cool, just enough and not too much:) The plants are totally loving it! The boys love it when it rains, because they are banned from turning on the hose and this way they get lots of water Mom can't turn off! They hoard it, they save it, they carry it around and make more mud... 

God is so good! He provided us with a gorgeous rainbow today. I love rainbows, they remind of God's promises ad that He always keeps them. This rainbow was a double and sometimes a triple. It was incredibly bright. 

We are  almost finished packing our books for our move. Boy has that been a job cataloguing all of them. It's nice not having books spread all over the floor. I am hoping that it will also help the younger two to concentrate on their schoolwork a bit more heavily before we go. Moving is always an upheaval and although we usually get some work done, it's sort of hit or miss while we explore our new surroundings. That's usually a big learning experience in itself, and this time should prove to be even more so as I am pretty strictly an english speaker. The kids are learning Arabic, so hopefully they will get around okay with me in tow:)

Hello, we have had rain here off and on for three days. We need rain so that is good, but the humidity is rather high and a bit stifling. Soon the black mold will begin. I have been working on a new kit Elegant Recollections that I hope to have in the store soon. I made two layouts with it from some old pictures my grandmother had. I need to get some more of her pictures scanned in to use in layouts so the kids have an idea who their ancestors were. 
I'm not sure of the date on the one photo the other is from 1939 and contains his son with white hair so it must be from the 1800's. Someone can probably date it from the clothes and props.

I finished my kit for next months font challenge. Here is a sneak preview of it and of the layout I did with the QP that comes with it. ( It goes with my new kit too:))
I also put my Summer's end kit in the store here is it's preview and what I did with the two quick pages that comes with it.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Hi everyone! I was reminded this morning how remiss I have been at keeping up my blog:( 

We have been very busy here - starting up homeschooling again, getting ready for a big move, and all the other life events that continue to go on everyday.

To answer a question posed to me, all my work is exclusively available at in the store for purchase,  for club-members as part of the Club-Deco monthly kit, for joining in the Monthly Font Challenge (post a layout conforming to the rules and get a free mini kit), and for posting prizes. To receive the posting prizes, all you have to do is go to and post comments on layouts in the gallery or in threads. For a little bit of work and a lot of fun you can get freebies - I like that! 

I have put up several new kits since June, (Escape and Dragon's Warmth are two of them) and the monthly Club-Deco kits each month (Farewell Summer). I have also started hosting a monthly Font Challenge at (Summer's End Mini Kit, which co-ordinates with the September Club-Deco).