Saturday, June 07, 2008

Dana put the Brag Books for June in the store today. The Garden Party kit for the June Club-Deco is lovely and so are the BB pages! As you have probably seen from all the posting prior in my blog... Today I finished up a brag book for my Wild Thing Club-Deco kit, I still need to get it into the store. AB is going to give it to Kina tomorrow for her birthday all filled with with cool pictures. Once Myra and I had made the BB pages, filling them  with photos and then journaling on them just took a few minutes. It took awhile to upload to COSTCO. They have 'upgraded' their photo site again and it wouldn't let me add photos to the I had already up loaded. It was weird and a pain in the neck, but we got uploaded and they printed out fine. The album looks really cute. Hopefully, Kina will like it. We also had Al's graduation announcements printed out. They look pretty good. I would have liked to do something fancier, but couldn't get up the energy. He is supposed to have them ready to mail before Monday, as he and Myra go to CEF then.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Alexander took the Financial Literacy Challenge Test given by the Federal Reserve and got in the top 1%. He received a certificate and a medal. The challenge was taken by more than 46,000 high school students. For this layout I used a quick page from my new kit Blooming Blossoms.

Deb's photography challenge for this month is textures. I love textures! I have lots and lots of texture pictures, so this is a very cool challenge for me. I already have 41 texture pictures this month and she only requires 10, hmm. 

Here is a composite of a few of my texture photos from last year. There has been some question as to what some of these textures are.

Clue: Food alternates with water and non-edible items. 

Top row: Green macaroni and cheese (Michelle made this for our Oscar's Ocean simulation and put octopus hotdogs on top, creative!), Juniper type plant along the side of the house, Walnuts to be used on top of the cookies Myra was making (she makes great cookies!), Calm water in our pool

Second Row: One of the kids in our pool kicking, Yummy berry smoothy in our blender - such a pretty swirl, weathered lava rock under our lemon tree, One of our spiky pineapple plants

Third Row: Guacamole (my kids think this picture is disgusting, but I think it has a certain draw), Concrete block/rock from our wall - like the kind they are putting on the side of COSTCO and Wal-Mart, One of the kids kicking as hard as they can in the pool

Last Row: Rock from a wall - only I think this one was a real rock not one of those fake ones, Popcorn (popcorn has a neat texture), Interior textured wall painted white, Very yummy chocolate cookie dough, mmmm

I also finished getting all my goodies up for my Blooming blossoms Kit. I love the colors in this kit and so much fun designing it. I have also put the graphics, overlays, and borders I used in the kit and in the quick pages up for sale for those of you who like the extra flexibility and enjoy putting things together too.

Club-Deco Kits

Well, I managed to get two of my Club-Deco kits into the store this week, Totally Grungy and Art Nouveau Surprise. So that was very good.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Posting Prizes

Here are the posting level prizes. They will be up for at least 6 months to give people at time to earn them.

This months Club-Deco offering is called Garden Party and here is my contribution:

Font Challenge

Next are the Font Challenge Kit and Quick page at for the June Font Challenge. For the Madagascar Periwinkle I used the fonts we are using in the June challenge. If you join me in the challenge you will get the kit and the quick page. Last month everyone who joined us created wonderful layouts, followed the directions,  and earned the kit May Flowers Font Challenge mini kit. It was great! I hope lots of people join in the challenge this month too.

Been busy finishing up the June's Garden Party Kit for Club-Deco and making a bunch of kits out of the 'leftovers'. Blooming Blossoms. I have finished all of the posting prize kits, Font Challenge kits, News letter Kit, but not the one for the store. They all go together which is really neat. It's a beautiful set of kits. Thanks to Tom Dillon for the Club colors for June, they are excellent! I also made a QP for each kit and two for the club kit, whew! I'm hosting the font challenge this month with  the Lime Blossom Caps and Isla Bella fonts from I'll start with the posting of the News Letter Freebie at