Thursday, October 30, 2008

I took this picture of the turtles sharing a meal at the Honolulu Zoo. I like the bright colors of the fruits and vegetables against the greens of the grass and turtles. I used my Gallant Chivalry Kit 7500 Posts Reward Quick Page for this layout. Remember, if you haven't made it to 7500 posts at, you won't be able to see or get this great free kit. My posting reward gifts start at 25 posts and they are free when you reach the posting level. So come participate at Deco-Pages and receive my free kits! All you have to do is make posts. At Deco-Pages you get something for just participating, kinda cool isn't it?!?! Also, if you have been participating at Deco-Pages and haven't stopped by to see what posting gift you qualify for, do so before the First of November, because my old Reward kits are coming down and plopping  into the store :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today we went to the Honolulu Zoo and saw these amazing guys. They came right up to us and said hello. This is the quick Page that comes with my Gallant Chivalry 1000 posting prize kit coming November 1.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One day in October Mr. Rhino came with me to tutor. He did all right for awhile, but then he became jealous of my tutees. He had to be packed away until we got home and he could lord it over us from the bookshelf again. I used the quick page from my Gallant Chivalry 12500 Posts Reward Kit for this layout.
I gave the boys haircuts yesterday and then took them outside to take their pictures. They wanted to bring Mr. Rhino and have their picture taken with him. They enjoyed, loved, and read to him. Then all of a sudden, "Look! Mr. Rhino Comes apart!" Poor, poor Mr. Rhino. He seems to have gotten his comeuppance after being such a stinker the other day ;) I used my quick page from my Gallant Chivalry Kit 2500 Post Reward Kit. For those of you who have reached 2500 or even 12500 posts at, you can pick up the QP, the kit that goes with it, and the lower level posting kits on November 1 :)
These two layouts use two of the QP's I made for my Gallant Chivalry Collection for my posting rewards. November 1 I am switching out my old posting rewards and putting in the new ones. The kits get larger at each posting level and each kit comes with a QP. The Hula layout is the QP for the 10,000 posts prize and the Everyday Sights layout is made with the 25 post reward. I hope you are able to stop by Deco-Pages and join in a game or two, post a layout or leave a comment, or join in a discussion, thereby earning my Gallant Chivalry Kit :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

There are a few more days left in October to join my Font Challenge at Deco-Pages.  For posting an eligible layout, you will receive the Elegant Recollections Font Challenge Kit free. The kit is an add-on to my Elegant Recollections Kits and does not contain repeated pieces. 

Also don't forget I have a 30% off coupon good through the 15th of November. It's a sale because we are moving far away in physical life not in virtual, so you deserve a treat :)

Side note: I create all my kits at 300 dpi. The jpg papers are saved at 8 for excellent print quality. Most of my papers are 12x12. The elements are png files and for the most part the shadows below an object are for preview purposes only.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don't forget! There are just a few more days left for you to get my posting rewards before I change them out :) So hurry over to Deco-Pages and post away so you can reach the next level before the end of October! You receive a posting gift from when you reach 25, 100, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 posts and on November 1 I will be changing out and extending my gifts to include 7500, 10000, 12500, and 15000 posts :) Of course if you only see the posting levels you have reached, so you don't know what you are missing :P Have an ultra marvelous day!
I added some new things to my section of the Deco-Pages Store today. Treat yourself to a rainbow full of elegance with my new kit, "Elegant Recollections Kits 1 and 2'. An array of rich colors, silver elements, flowing designs and an old fashioned flair encompasses these extra large kits full of everything you need to create your own Elegant Recollection pages for your memory albums. The kits can be purchased separately or together. Purchased together they are a great deal especially if you take advantage of my 30% off coupon good through the 15th of November.

This album is created from my Dragon's Warmth Collection and fits the Cosmo Cricket Kate Album. The quick pages are approximately 6" by 6", 300 dpi pngs. I included the holes and created both left and right pages that are similar, but not exactly the same. There are 16 quick pages, 8 background pages, and one edge overlay.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Aloha, we will be moving soon and I am having a moving sale in my store at! Using the coupon code -    ThetaMove:)    - at checkout will get you 30% off of your order from my store of $3.00 or more. So go check out my kits that are on sale :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hello, Retro Designs just put up this cool new kit at and I wanted to share it with you.
Here is the link to request her freebie QP: Retro Designs A Pocket Full of Posies QP Request
This is what she did with her QP. Neat! Click on it to see it and the credits in the Deco-Pages gallery.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Okay, it's mid October. We have been busy packing and now we have guests :) Life is good, but busy. We are having some sales at Deco-Pages right now and I'm working on a discount for my kits too. Also, on November 1, I will be switching out my posting rewards at Deco-Pages. So if you haven't been over there posting or if you have been posting, make sure you grab the highest posting level you can while they are still free!

I have been enjoying participating in Deb's Photo Challenge this month and have done 5 of the 8 layouts required. Many of them I did with my kit Elegant Recollections that is coming out soon.

I also did a layout for Marcee's Scrap By Numbers Challenge. She has beautiful reward kits this month for all of her challenges and if you're a Club-Deco Member you get the starter kit free! Otherwise it is $3.00 in the Deco-Pages store.

This is my layout I created with Marcee's starter kit for her Scrap By Numbers Challenge 

I hope you all are having a great October!