Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sketch #56 Scene 4

This sketch has been sitting in my sketchbook for awhile and I finally have had the inclination and opportunity to finish it. I like how the color came out. This guy has an unusual trait for my leaf dragons...

Sketch #68 Leaf Dragon Orange 17

This guy I did in browns; he should camouflage nicely in fall foliage. His goatee makes me think of Pharaohs, maybe he lives in the reeds by the Nile.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Doodle using colored pencils on drawing paper, approximately 8x8

This is what I ended up with while trying out the colored pencils (Eagle Prismacolor) my dad gave me. I started out with the arcs which evolved eventually into hair. I like the pencils smoothness and blending.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sketch #67 Leaf Dragon Orange 16

My dad gave me a bunch of colored pencils while I was visiting. Before visiting I had been contemplating doing a dragon in browns and oranges, but I didn't really have the array of colors I felt I needed to use in order to make a smooth enough transition (see sketches #32 and #33). With the new color range I felt comfortable with the color project and this guy was born :) Thanks Dad!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sketch #66 Leaf Dragon Green 15

A BIG thank you to my parents!

I went to visit my parents for a week and one of the spectacular things they did for me was purchase a new mac for me to pick up at our Hawaii store. It is still such a surprise and blessing. Transferring my 'stuff' over is a joyful chore and Apple was giving away printers with their macs at the time of purchase, and so now I have a dedicated printer to go with my mac.

This guy is the very first thing I scanned with the printer and cleaned up in CS3 (my first project on my new mac). The Apple people said CS3 wouldn't work in Lion, but it does. The Genius bar doesn't know everything.

Anyway, this computer runs much better (probably because it has lots of space) and once I get my kits off of the old one, the old one should run a lot better. No one else puts such a heavy load as I do in this house on the computers, so the old one should be fine for a while, although I think it needs the fan looked at.

So, thanks to my parents, I can now prep and post my sketches. I just have to have waiting or free time to sketch and finish them.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Sketch #65 Leaf Dragon Green 14 Oak Leaf

Belated Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you all had a fabulous first day of the year and subsequent week!

Well, I put a fan directed to the back of my computer and it seems be better... i.e. I was able to scan and save, clean this guy up and save in Photoshop, and lastly post it here :) I also have learned to open certain programs first (or only) before using them and now I shut down regularly... Hopefully, this will keep me operating enough to post my drawings here and do the other things I need to do on my computer.