Monday, October 31, 2011

Pictures of our flowers

The orchids that my husband rescued when we got back are now in full bloom! They are so pretty.

The passion fruit is blooming again. Their blooms are really neat looking.

 The white Bird of Paradise are blooming, but their huge blooms are behind the plants or hidden in their foliage. They have no stem to speak of and are stuck in the stalks of the plant, this makes them hard to see.


Jean said...

What luscious plants and flowers you have! I love them all and your photos show them beautifully. As the world here turns brown and gray they look extremely exotic.

Mom5Kids said...

Thanks, Jean!

Yes, we are blessed with beautiful flowers all year, but we don't get fall foliage or natural ice sculptures, can't have everything :)

I think winter may give you some excellent zen photo ops too; with the foliage gone the structure is bared.

I, personally, don't miss winter much, but a lot of, primarily military, people do. They want snow... I like being warm and I'll take the flowers :D

Deb Ammerman said...

You are so lucky to live in a climate where you can have such beautiful flowers! I did take some photos of the maple tree today that make me appreciate the mid-west for a couple days... but I know what is coming... and I am not looking forward to it. :)

Mom5Kids said...

I'm always happy to see you pictures of fall. They are so pretty! When we lived in the mid-west, it was hard for me to fully appreciate the fall knowing what was to come. It is sometimes better to live each day as it comes, there is less stress :) You will also be getting some beautiful snow pictures in not too long... I enjoy living through other peoples snow photos - with a cup of cocoa :D