Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sketch #7 Mouse Scene

This day I felt like incorporating several elements into a scene. I started off with the mushrooms and then doodled in the mouse. The mouse had to be looking at something so I added the ladybug. Then to fill fill the page and make a better setting, I added the foliage.

The 5x8 sketchbook is quite sufficient for my individual sketches, but I feel the need for more space when I do something like this. One thought I had would be to use 12x12 paper, then store the pages in a scrapbook album. In other words build the pages rather than have them already in a book. Then I could use page protectors and the chalk wouldn't get all over. That could give me more medium flexibility. I have page protected some of my small pastel drawings in the past, but not stored them in an album. The are samples for the kids to see.

If someone does this already, please leave a comment on how it works or doesn't in your experience.


Deb Ammerman said...

I've done quite a few 12x12 pastel drawings, and I store them in a scrapbook, in page protectors. Make sure you spray the pages with a fixative... I have heard that hair spray works just as well as the expensive fixative, but I have been using the workable fixative from the art supply store. I can't afford to frame every pastel drawing I do, so the scrapbook works really well. Larger sizes, I have been putting into a portfolio with wax paper in between drawings for storage.

Deb Ammerman said...

ugh! I forgot to say how cute your drawing is! I really think it turned out great! I bet the kids love it! :)

Mom5Kids said...

Thanks, Deb! The kids think its cute. They would probably like me to do more and bigger, but I'm not sure how ready I am to be involved in a complex piece yet.

I thought you might have. Yes, fixative is a must. Some brands of hairspray work better than others. Occasionally I have had one disintegrate the color, but that is usually on colored paper and the 'real' fixative will do that too. Usually I get the extra extremest hold I can, with a scent I don't react to. In my portfolio, I have cheap sheets of sketch paper between the ones that need it.

Thanks for the info on the scrapbook! I think it might work for me, too, and I may have one I can re-purpose for that use.