Wednesday, November 05, 2008

November's Club-Deco Kit is out :)

The top layout is my contribution to the November 2008 Club-Deco Kit, Heritage Blessings. The next two layouts are done with my quick pages that come with my kit. Below is the November Club Kit collage. It has a sampling from most of the contributions.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Moving Soon... and other stuff

I looks like we are heading out on the 8th of November. After that our internet access will be sketchy for awhile :(

However, I have managed to get up all but one of my Deco-Pages Posting Rewards. I'm quite happy about that and, as PatinParis is the only one qualified to receive the last two at this time (one other person is getting close), she will understand if I don't get it it up yesterday. Besides, this will give her a chance to download the 12500 kit ;)

The new welcome kit is up at You can probably recognize my contribution down there on the bottom right. It is the first part in my Gallant Chivalry Posting Rewards Kits series. You can get my reward kits just by posting at Deco-Pages:).
The November Newsletter is out. PatinParis did the freebie for this month. I did the one coming up in December:)

I used my Gallant Chivalry 100 Posts Kit Quick Page for this layout. You will get the Gallant Chivalry 100 Posts Kit and this quick page when you reach 100 posts at Deco-Pages. You won't be able to see the posting levels until you get to them, so the kit contents will remain a surprise to some degree. You get to see samples from the kits in the QPs and will get the kits when you reach the posting levels:) Click on the images to be taken to the layouts posted on Deco-Pages to see the credits and fonts used.
For this layout I used my Gallant Chivalry 500 Posts Reward Kit QP. The turtles looked very content basking in the sun. I believe Myra  took these photographs. She is getting quite good.
Here are some more photographs from the Honolulu Zoo, this time I used my Gallant Chivalry 5000 Post Reward Kit Quick Page.

We had a wonderful time at the zoo last Tuesday. It was overcast and not too hot. It was quite nice that it didn't rain on us, nor was the zoo flooded this time:) We often seem to pick the most inopportune times to go to the zoo.