Wednesday, October 19, 2011

 Last week I made up this simple flyer for Mr. Dionisio at church for his group, Oahu Baptist Network Ministry - Fan the Flame. His men's group is hosting a retreat for all the guys and they are encouraged to bring their sons and/or grandsons. The event begins Friday evening after work and ends after lunch on Saturday. It looks to be a lot of fun. I can't remember who the speaker is going to be, but he speaks to all of the age groups at once instead of splitting them up.

I decided he needed some sort of logo for his group because people were confusing his group name and the event name, so I came up with the swirling flame and cross. Now there is no confusion :) I drew both the bridge and logo in illustrator. It would have been much faster for me to draw them by hand, but I wanted them scalable and clear, just in case. It is a good thing I thought ahead since Mr. Dionisio is talking about making some posters now, not just the flyers.


Deb Ammerman said...

Great job on the flyer, and great idea to do the designing in illustrator... I'm sure the group appreciates your efforts, and you will too when you have to re-size. Smart cookie! :)

Mom5Kids said...

Thanks, Deb!

After all these years I'm finally learning something - planning ahead is a good thing!