Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The design team over at Deco-Pages is making up brag pages for the My favorite Things contest. These are my contribution. I think they are slated to be released early March. The designers have made some beautiful kits and pages. The kit collage is displayed  lower down in my blog.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

These are some of my layouts for Deb's 31 Days of Photos Challenge. You can see the other ones I have finished and the credits in my gallery at I am quite behind, but Deb says we have to have them finished by mid February, so I should be okay. Myra did a great job making pretzels! They were very tasty. 

Kai has a new favorite spot when he is in the girls room. It is way up in the corner by their light, he can see everything going on from up there and seems to feel safe.

Annabelle had Kai on the piano light while she was practicing and he snuck away. It took awhile for us to find him. We should have looked up to begin with. 

In the next layout, Annabelle let Kai climb the Royal Palm on our deck. He thought he was the greatest, so I crowned him king. 

Kai was climbing around on our counter and found a new favorite place - on my WACOM pen! That was a bit inconvient, especially since for some reason he didn't want to get off.

Brr, Swimming in January is another layout of Annabelle and the boys enjoying their swim in early January.

In Park Play, DH, the Boys and I went to the park. The boys enjoyed playing dinosaur and elephant as well as the general running around chasing one another. 

At the beginning of January we had some beautiful orchid blooms.

In the last layout, Omega found my bike multi-tool on the counter and was playing with it as though it was a vehicle. Hope you enjoyed these layouts and learned a little about what goes on in our life. Have a great day!

This layout of the kids jumping into the pool, I did for Marcee's Material Girl Challenge for January. For the challenge we had to use the slides she provided. The slides are really great and a lot of fun to use. Annabelle and the little boys had a great time playing in the pool once they got started. The pool was a bit cold to them at first and it took a little while for them to get used to the chilly water. Click here for the credits for Let's Jump.
The next two layouts I did for the January Color Challenge at Deco-Pages. Diane Isbell made the beautiful kit for this month. Check out Ahh, the Joys of Sleep here and Sunbathing here.

My Favorite Things Contest at

We are looking forward to the My Favorite Things Contest at Be sure to check out the kit in the store and rules (go to the February Deco-Pages Newsletter which comes out on Feb. 1), then submit one or more pages.

Wow, I can't believe it's been 10 days since I last posted. The time has flown by! Here is the preview I said I would have up by last Tuesday. I got it in the store at Deco-Pages during the weekend. Unfortunately I didn't get it posted here. I'm sorry!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hi all, we've been extremely busy with watching Hawaiian Princess and Racing Princess this week. They are moving Tuesday and we are all very sad in this house about their move. I got designer sidetracked and am almost finished with a kit in red, orange, pink, blue, and green, I'm calling Junior Romance. It's a sweet kit. Hope to have a preview up later today, but definitely by Tuesday. I have to work on the kit for next month's Club-Deco. It's due soon. I am now ten layouts behind on Deb's 31 days of photo's, but I now have photo's coming out my ears it seems. Hope you have a great long weekend and a lovely day today!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Yippee! I have finally finished my Sea Fishing Kit! It is now in the store at Deco-Pages. It feels so good to finally have it done! Now I can move on to other things... I have a lot of sketches and the Animal in Me kit to finish up, hopefully soon. I also have Deb's 31 days of photos to catch up on. It's a great challenge. The latest drama at the house is our refrigerator went out. Since it's not in our budget to get a new one right now, we've been scrambling to find a used one that will fit in the space we have. Makes for an interesting life - maybe I should scrap this new adventure.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

This months Club Deco Kit is beautiful! The designers (that includes me) got together to bring you 4x6 Brag Book Pages made from the kit. You can get a closer look at them here in the store. My contributions are the two facing pages in the bottom row.

Today is another school day for the kids and I will be tutoring some kids in the afternoon/evening. Hopefully I will also be able to get some more work done on my Sea Fishing kit - it is taking a lot longer than expected. We upgraded, due to necessity, to Leopard and now my PS7 won't open. At least I have PSE4, but it won't open the grouped folders, so many of the elements have to be extracted and/or redone. I also have a mini kit for a Deco-Pages contest coming up and the Feb Kit to work on, so it'll be a busy day/week/month. Have a great day and check out the Brag Pages, they really are nice!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The layout Untamed Anole I did for the Deco-Pages ABC Challenge run by Marcee Fairchild this month. This anole has been seen frequently on our deck in the past few days. It is possible that the anole is hanging out because it knows Kai has disappeared. The flowers seemed to have appeared overnight on the other side of the wall by the drainage canal. They are very pretty and bright in the chilly weather we are having at night.
The next layout, Macadamia Nut White Chocolate Chip Cookies, I did for the Deco-Pages Holiday Challenge run by Marcee Fairchild. This one was a bit hard for me as I have never done a recipe challenge before. But it seems to have worked okay. I could do a lot better in the presentation of the treat on a plate with some extras. We did have some issues making the cookies, in that we didn't have brown sugar. It worked out fine with the noted substitutions. The cookies tasted great. They might be a bit better with out the extra flour Myra added. She likes the cookies as round lumps, I like them a bit flatter and chewier. 

The layout, Lovely, I did using JBurkhardt's Template 15. She makes great templates and this one is no exception! You can get it here at Deco-Pages. These orchids bloomed just in time for DH's birthday. It was quite nice to have them as a lovely centerpiece for his birthday dinner. DH got a beautiful white orchid with smaller flowers for his birthday. He really likes orchid's!
These two layouts I did for the January Color Challenge at Deco-Pages. Diane has created a lovely kit for the challenge, the colors are beautiful. 

The first layout is of Dad taking some kids around the point at Ali'i Beach to see the puffer fish caught in a tide pool. The kids thought that was really neat. See Dad's are Special and the credit's here. 

The second layout is of  Ali'i Beach looking out over the ocean to Ka'ena Point. I just love the way the sun is streaming through the clouds. See Ali'i Beach and the credits here.

I have started a photo challenge, Photo-a-Day for January
On the first day of the year Kai almost literally dropped at Annabelle's feet. So I had to do a layout about him. Now maybe now people on Deco-Pages will understand why I have Kai as my avatar. We are very happy to have him back! Find Found: the full layout and credits are here. 

I did Day 2 on DH's birthday. He had a great birthday. The cake turned out delicious! That was a blessing and we'll have to remember what we did. Everyone but us gave him shirts and that was funny. We gave him a new white orchid, one he didn't have. Find Birthday Highlights credits and layout here.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Here is the collage for Club-Deco this month so you can see all of the cool kits if you're a member. 

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Whew that was a lot of updating! I hope you all are having a great new year! Yesterday Annabelle found Kai so that was a great beginning to the new year! I hope to get the preview of this months Club-Deco kits up soon and the preview for the 4x6 brag book pages made from the kit. They are awesome!

The Troll layout I used Michaele's Template 14, see the rest of the credits here. Myra has been collecting all the Trolls that her grandparents have sent for years.

This layout I did for the Font-a-Licious Challenge hosted by Lorene at Deco-Pages. She picks a font and we have to use it somewhere on a layout. This time the font was Vintage, see credits here. Myra played the piano while we sang on Christmas eve.

This layout I did for the Holiday Challenge hosted by Marcee Fairchild of Rose Made Designs at Deco-Pages. The boys absolutely love their fish! See the credits here.

This layout I did for Marcee's Material Girl Challenge at Deco-Pages. She gives us the pieces and we have to use on a layout and this is what I came up with. Cyril was so excited Christmas morning to get his stocking! See the credits here.

I got my Deco-Pages Club-Deco contribution up today. I really enjoyed creating this kit. The two layouts are using my QP's that come with the kit. Some time I really need to get my kit contributions into the store at Deco-Pages. I suppose that could be a New Years resolution.

These layout were done for The Color Challenge over at Deco-Pages. If you are a member of Club-Deco you get the Color Challenge Starter kit free, if not it's $1.99 for the month of the color challenge. Here's the new one for January - the colors are just lovely! Diane Isbell did a great job on the reward kits.