Friday, October 14, 2011

I have been taking a break from designing. Re-aligning my priorities with people who care for me and those that need me to care for them, has been very good for my health. Although allergies and Fibromyalgia still plague me at times, I am feeling better overall. As homeschooling settles into a groove, I may think about designing again, we'll see. The kids and hubby are a priority :)

I am beginning work on a year in review book. I am hoping it will be done before Christmas, but as busy as things are, that may be wishful thinking.

Below are my first set of layouts. I chose to use my April of 2010 Color Challenge kit that I created for the now defunct Deco Pages (Deb has a neat Blog now). The colors are excellent for continuity throughout the album as they will work with any season or event.

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