Tuesday, October 18, 2011

#2 Layout for The 2011 Book

This is the second layout I've finished (more or less) for The 2011 Book. These pictures were all taken in Libya. It was so great to meet the people on the Logos Hope and be able to visit with them. We even met a lady from Kauai.

On a different note, I called the allergist and got some of the test reports. I am extremely allergic to ALL the grasses they tested for, allergic to house dust mites (no wonder I have trouble breathing when I sweep or vacuum; or someone else does), and mildly allergic to a host of foods... Also the Epstein Barr virus is present and the figures were very high. The Allergist told me that is why I am hypersensitive to things I am minimally allergic to. In doing some internet research, the virus could also be behind the Fibromyalgia. Something to ruminate on anyway.

Hugs to all - especially those we are far from...

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