Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Reports are dribbling in slowly that friends are headed home and are ok. Praise God. Keep praying.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Notes :)

A lot of things have happened since Christmas:

1) We are finally home in Hawaii! Yay!
2) I have internet! more Yays!
3) We finished the deck. Phew!
4) The tree that was growing 4-6 inches in diameter is now gone. Whew! That is a relief. The man still has to come back and take out the stump, but the tree is gone.
5) The girls are learning to drive. Uh-oh...
6) Schooling has begun again.
7) We still haven't gone to the beach.
8) Because the new car would get un-new real fast...
8.5) Since we sold the van when we left we had to get a new vehicle when we got back, we chose to get a Toyota Prius - it's really fun to drive!
9) The old van was dying, so we bought a Toyota Yaris - we don't want to get this one sandy either...
9.5) And the girls are learning to drive... uh-oh...
10) There is still a ton to do and I miss my friends in Benghazi, but I get to see old ones here (they're so wonderful) and I love living here where it's warm :)

So you will ask - did you take pictures - not of things I should have (like the hideous mess the deck was in when we got back or the size of the tree), but I still have a chance for the other things. The girls haven't hit anything with the cars so they still look new and the cars finally have their license plates. Our son still has his girlfriend and the kids will be doing schoolwork for
awhile :)

Well that's it for now, hugs,