Monday, November 21, 2011


The last couple of days have been very busy, plus we went to the library. So with being busy (everyday stuff, horseback riding, church, filling out a questionnaire from FeelGood TV, shopping for food, and schooling stuff), Mo's Power Point French presentation, and the Alton Brown books (one on cooking gear and one on his shows), I have not been on the computer except to check mail since Saturday morning. I am hoping to get a picture up today, but I have to work with the boys and then tutor, so we'll see.

Mo's presentation is looking quite good, however, it can only be done on my computer using the French keyboard. I will post it here if: 1. she gives me permission, and 2. I can figure out how to do it.

The books by Alton Brown are exceptionally good reading. He is a funny writer and his recipes actually work. I also like that he uses tools in different ways than intended by the manufacturer.

We bought our turkey for Thanksgiving and I'm thinking about starting a dry brining (consisting of salt, pepper, and herbs) on it today. Brining is supposed to be started three days before eating, so today is the day. We are also going to have: mashed potatoes, yams, corn, stuffing, rolls, cranberry sauce, gravy and Dh wants cake and pie "/ I'm not sure what kind of cake, but I think one of the pies is going to be lemon meringue. We have fresh lemons on the tree that need to be picked. We might make two and give one to Pastor, as he's been a bit down lately and it's his favorite pie.  Annabelle is going to be a big help over the next few days as we get everything ready.       (I'm putting this list here so I won't lose it, or forget something important ;) )

Time to get back to work.

Have a great Lord blessed day!

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