Thursday, October 30, 2008

I took this picture of the turtles sharing a meal at the Honolulu Zoo. I like the bright colors of the fruits and vegetables against the greens of the grass and turtles. I used my Gallant Chivalry Kit 7500 Posts Reward Quick Page for this layout. Remember, if you haven't made it to 7500 posts at, you won't be able to see or get this great free kit. My posting reward gifts start at 25 posts and they are free when you reach the posting level. So come participate at Deco-Pages and receive my free kits! All you have to do is make posts. At Deco-Pages you get something for just participating, kinda cool isn't it?!?! Also, if you have been participating at Deco-Pages and haven't stopped by to see what posting gift you qualify for, do so before the First of November, because my old Reward kits are coming down and plopping  into the store :)

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