Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One day in October Mr. Rhino came with me to tutor. He did all right for awhile, but then he became jealous of my tutees. He had to be packed away until we got home and he could lord it over us from the bookshelf again. I used the quick page from my Gallant Chivalry 12500 Posts Reward Kit for this layout.
I gave the boys haircuts yesterday and then took them outside to take their pictures. They wanted to bring Mr. Rhino and have their picture taken with him. They enjoyed, loved, and read to him. Then all of a sudden, "Look! Mr. Rhino Comes apart!" Poor, poor Mr. Rhino. He seems to have gotten his comeuppance after being such a stinker the other day ;) I used my quick page from my Gallant Chivalry Kit 2500 Post Reward Kit. For those of you who have reached 2500 or even 12500 posts at Deco-Pages.com, you can pick up the QP, the kit that goes with it, and the lower level posting kits on November 1 :)

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