Sunday, April 13, 2014

Vacation and ATCs

Sorry I haven't been posting. I seem to be able to either draw or post, not both...

We just came back from a lovely vacation at the Le Meridien at Al Aqa Fujairah, UAE. They were able to give me meals that were delicious and allergen and reaction free. It was fabulous! I got to eat great food and stay well. Anyway, I decided to give out the ATC cards that I was drawing to the staff for the extra effort they were putting out in order to serve me food that I could eat safely. I also gave out cards to the towel guy (that's what I called the man that cleaned our room and left the coolest towel sculptures) and to the staff of the Penguin Club where my youngest finally decided it was fun to play. I managed to take pictures of about 2/3 to 3/4 of the cards I passed out.

These 4 are the ones I gave to the Penguin Club leaders. They do a great job looking after the kids and providing fun activities.

Penguin Club Easter
Penguin Club Indian Day

Penguin Club Hawaiian Day

Penguin Club Pirate Day
 Hope you enjoy these.

Have a great day!


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