Monday, March 04, 2013

ATC Yves Rocher Catalogue collage

I've been working on these over the last few days. I was throwing out catalogs and I ran across an Yves Rocher catalog. It had some really pretty pictures of flowers and things. I started cutting it up and used the pictures for collages on 15 ATC cards. I stamped celebrate (white and blue paper), Life (orange paper), an arrow (brown paper), and the butterfly (pink paper). I used colored pencil around the words and to color in the arrow and butterfly. I used orange crochet thread for the butterfly's antennae.

Have a great day!



retro said...

These are very pretty. And what a good idea. I´d call it creative recycling!

Mom5Kids said...

Thanks, Retro!

I've been busy doing other things than posting here and it took me a long time to log on... These were a lot of fun. I went to throw away the catalogue and thought the pictures were pretty and one thing led to another :)

cass said...

Wonderful ATCVs, so pretty and colourful