Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter Eggs - 2014

For Easter this year we had a guest for the weekend. It turned out she had never dyed eggs or blown and colored them. My kids didn't remember ever blowing eggs and coloring them, so guess what we did...
Everyones Eggs
 The kids, after blowing their own eggs, colored on them with sharpies. They did a great job and created some beautiful eggs. I took pictures of the ones I did, see below.

My Egg Fronts
My Egg Backs

They also dipped hardboiled eggs in food dye and vinegar. Those eggs came out pretty too. The sharpie ones were a bigger hit. I am a bit surprised at how shiny the eggs turned out. We didn't shellac or seal them. Maybe Sharpieing eggs will become a tradition...

Have a great Day!



retro said...

Your children are remarkably talented. I´m most impressed by their work.

Mom5Kids said...

Thanks! They had way more fun with this activity than I thought they would and it shows in their work.