Monday, April 14, 2014

ATCs on Vacation

These I made for the Towel Guy. Every day he made us a new sculpture. I have pictures of some of them, but a forgot to take pictures of several and I seem to have lost the pictures of others. Something strange happened between my camera and my computer and pictures I thought I took are not on my computer... As you can see my camera has fuzzy places at the edge of the lens (on the inside where I can't clean) and what you can't see is the cat hair that is in the telephoto part somewhere and falls over the lens at inopportune times. The cat hair I figured out how to move out of the way, but it's annoying. Another thing it does is take random pictures - I'm so thankful for digital, I can just delete the 'up the nose' shots. Sometime soon I will have to get a new camera.

Towel Dog

Towel Man

Towel Swans in a basket

Towel Snake with friend

Towel Rabbit

Towel Penguin

Towel Turtle
The main bodies are of different size towels (bath, hand, washcloth, and dishcloth) and eyes, fangs, and other embellishments were made with rose petals or little bits of torn paper. Five of the other sculptures I can remember are manta ray, monkey, elephant, rose, and alligator. I think there were one or maybe two more characters, but I can't remember what they were and I didn't get a picture either.

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