Wednesday, January 09, 2008

This months Club Deco Kit is beautiful! The designers (that includes me) got together to bring you 4x6 Brag Book Pages made from the kit. You can get a closer look at them here in the store. My contributions are the two facing pages in the bottom row.

Today is another school day for the kids and I will be tutoring some kids in the afternoon/evening. Hopefully I will also be able to get some more work done on my Sea Fishing kit - it is taking a lot longer than expected. We upgraded, due to necessity, to Leopard and now my PS7 won't open. At least I have PSE4, but it won't open the grouped folders, so many of the elements have to be extracted and/or redone. I also have a mini kit for a Deco-Pages contest coming up and the Feb Kit to work on, so it'll be a busy day/week/month. Have a great day and check out the Brag Pages, they really are nice!

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