Tuesday, January 29, 2008

These are some of my layouts for Deb's 31 Days of Photos Challenge. You can see the other ones I have finished and the credits in my gallery at Deco-Pages.com. I am quite behind, but Deb says we have to have them finished by mid February, so I should be okay. Myra did a great job making pretzels! They were very tasty. 

Kai has a new favorite spot when he is in the girls room. It is way up in the corner by their light, he can see everything going on from up there and seems to feel safe.

Annabelle had Kai on the piano light while she was practicing and he snuck away. It took awhile for us to find him. We should have looked up to begin with. 

In the next layout, Annabelle let Kai climb the Royal Palm on our deck. He thought he was the greatest, so I crowned him king. 

Kai was climbing around on our counter and found a new favorite place - on my WACOM pen! That was a bit inconvient, especially since for some reason he didn't want to get off.

Brr, Swimming in January is another layout of Annabelle and the boys enjoying their swim in early January.

In Park Play, DH, the Boys and I went to the park. The boys enjoyed playing dinosaur and elephant as well as the general running around chasing one another. 

At the beginning of January we had some beautiful orchid blooms.

In the last layout, Omega found my bike multi-tool on the counter and was playing with it as though it was a vehicle. Hope you enjoyed these layouts and learned a little about what goes on in our life. Have a great day!

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