Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The layout Untamed Anole I did for the Deco-Pages ABC Challenge run by Marcee Fairchild this month. This anole has been seen frequently on our deck in the past few days. It is possible that the anole is hanging out because it knows Kai has disappeared. The flowers seemed to have appeared overnight on the other side of the wall by the drainage canal. They are very pretty and bright in the chilly weather we are having at night.
The next layout, Macadamia Nut White Chocolate Chip Cookies, I did for the Deco-Pages Holiday Challenge run by Marcee Fairchild. This one was a bit hard for me as I have never done a recipe challenge before. But it seems to have worked okay. I could do a lot better in the presentation of the treat on a plate with some extras. We did have some issues making the cookies, in that we didn't have brown sugar. It worked out fine with the noted substitutions. The cookies tasted great. They might be a bit better with out the extra flour Myra added. She likes the cookies as round lumps, I like them a bit flatter and chewier. 

The layout, Lovely, I did using JBurkhardt's Template 15. She makes great templates and this one is no exception! You can get it here at Deco-Pages. These orchids bloomed just in time for DH's birthday. It was quite nice to have them as a lovely centerpiece for his birthday dinner. DH got a beautiful white orchid with smaller flowers for his birthday. He really likes orchid's!

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