Friday, May 30, 2014

Moving Blog ... and ATC

After thinking about this for a long time (it's going to be work), I have decided to start a new blog more aptly titled for what I post. My blog Mom5Kids is 95% my artwork and about 5% commentary. The name Mom5Kids may describe me, but it doesn't really fit my blog, so, I am moving my art to a new blog - Theta's Art is a name more suited to what I post.

My new blog is under construction and will be experiencing color changes, design changes, and other disruptions, so please bear with it (and go ahead and comment on the changes) until everything settles into place.

115BlogMoving; Copic 03 pen, Staedtler Watercolor Pencils; 30 May 2014
New blog:

Have a great day!



retro said...

I think you´re absolutely right. Theta´s Art is a very apt name. Looking forward to seeing the new blog when I get back from Domburg. In the meantime, good luck with the change. I can imagine what a LOT of work that must be...

Mom5Kids said...

Thanks Retro, I am still 'ruminating' on my header and trying to figure out the connection between my blog and google+. Plus our internet is really bad here, not quite as bad a Libya, but not good. The internet guy came out and said the wire guys had to pull a new wire, then he (or someone else) could connect it. The wire guy showed up today and said he couldn't do it, it was someone else's job... and it goes on. Our internet is running about 1/3 of it's potential. The upshot is that things time out and it's hard to load stuff. That makes the desire to get it all done a bit tempered.