Thursday, May 29, 2014

ATC one flower and 3 watercolors

For the last two in this post I was playing with watercolors, the first I was experimenting with colored pencil over watercolor, and the fourth, the flower, has some spacial experimentation. All in all these came out well for the amount of fun and experimentation I did.

106LeafDragonBLGr; Winsor Newton watercolors, Spectracolor colored pencils, Unipin 03; 26 May 2014

107Flower; unipin 03, Copic brush pen; 26 May 2014

108LeafDragonPortrait; unipin 03, Winsor Newton watercolors; 27 May 2014

109FlowerSingleLeaves; Unipin 03, Winsor Newton watercolors; 27 May 2014
Have a great day!


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