Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sketch #87 Leaf Dragon Lavender 32

This is my second lavender Leaf Dragon. Instead of spines, I decided on ripples. I quite like the way he turned out, especially his ears and tail. His front tooth is a bit too bent to be very effective at grabbing and holding on to his prey. However, he does seem to be getting enough to eat.



Deb Ammerman said...

I like the ripples, and think he turned out great! You are so funny about the tooth, he looks fairly young, it might move a bit as some other teeth come in, or he might have to pay a visit to the orthodontist... but you are right, he looks like he is getting enough to eat. ;)

Jean said...

This guy is quite eccentric in general, not just the tooth. The rippled look gives you a lot of variety as opposed to the previous spiny one (I love its curly posture). The lavender here is looking good. What fun we're all having, you creating and us looking at these fun critters.

Mom5Kids said...

Thanks, Deb and Jean!

I am enjoying myself (why else would I make them ;) )The ripples do add a new dimension; I'm sure I'll be playing with them some more.