Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sketch #83 Leaf Dragon Yellow Green 29

I really like the coloring on this guy. Especially the way his tail came out.

I finished sketching and inking all the pages in my sketchbook on Sunday evening. I am now coloring furiously.  I would like to finish coloring in my book before starting on my next book, but I don't know if will be able to or not :)

Hope you have a good laugh today :)



Jean said...

I see I've missed several of these cute guys. They all have such interesting ears. Even the details of their eyes are nicely done. They are such fun and the new colors are bringing new personalities into them.

And I did get a laugh imagining you furiously coloring to reach the new sketchbook. We'll see how different it is...

Mom5Kids said...

Thanks Jean!

I'm trying to post one a day. It's hard, but how else and I supposed to 'get' to use my new book? ;D

I'm getting the eyes more like I want them and the ears are so much fun to play with!

I am also trying, even though I'm 'hurrying', to keep up a certain quality to the sketches. Hopefully I will.