Monday, February 06, 2012

Sketch #74 Leaf Dragon Orange/Purple 20

Happy Birthday Miss Annabelle!

I love the way the colors came out on this one. It is now one of my favorites.

I  have used 96 of the 109 pages in my sketchbook. At this point the ones to be inked are all caught up and I am coloring every time that opportunity and desire coincide. I will miss this book, but my parents bought me a new one that has a soft binding and slightly larger pages. I am hoping I will be able to scan the pages easier with the the soft binding since it lays flat. The pages have less texture and are whiter. I know I will like the brightness of the pages, but I'm not sure about the nap. We'll see.

There is something fearsome about finishing a sketchbook for me. I have quite a few that are mostly or partially used. I often will stop drawing in one when I get past half way and not start up again in a sketchbook for at least 6 mos. and sometimes as long as 5 years. Don't get me wrong, I still draw or paint or something, just not in a sketchbook or on a spiral pad. Most of what I do during these periods gets tossed out. In some cases I have been blessed in that I have drawn on scrapbook pages and these I have kept. People who consecutively fill up one sketchbook or journal after another amaze me.

I am looking forward to finishing this sketchbook in one way, but not in another. It will be nice to have a filled sketchbook, but then it is finished, done...  This time though I have a new one I'm itching to begin - so I'd better hurry up already and finish the old one ;)



Jean said...

My word, you've been busy! I see I have missed quite a few wonderful leaf dragons and other goodies. The colors of this one are rich and exciting. Loved reading your take on sketchbooks. I haven't used them much in many years, but love working in one now. It will be interesting to see how you adapt when you get to the new one.

Mom5Kids said...

Thanks, Jean!

I've been trying to catch up by posting one sketch a day :)

I have nine more empty pages in my current book. I am facing the dilemma - do I start sketching in the new book before I finish inking and coloring in the old, or not?!? If I start the new book, it may be hard to finish the old one...