Saturday, June 07, 2008

Dana put the Brag Books for June in the store today. The Garden Party kit for the June Club-Deco is lovely and so are the BB pages! As you have probably seen from all the posting prior in my blog... Today I finished up a brag book for my Wild Thing Club-Deco kit, I still need to get it into the store. AB is going to give it to Kina tomorrow for her birthday all filled with with cool pictures. Once Myra and I had made the BB pages, filling them  with photos and then journaling on them just took a few minutes. It took awhile to upload to COSTCO. They have 'upgraded' their photo site again and it wouldn't let me add photos to the I had already up loaded. It was weird and a pain in the neck, but we got uploaded and they printed out fine. The album looks really cute. Hopefully, Kina will like it. We also had Al's graduation announcements printed out. They look pretty good. I would have liked to do something fancier, but couldn't get up the energy. He is supposed to have them ready to mail before Monday, as he and Myra go to CEF then.

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