Thursday, June 05, 2008

Deb's photography challenge for this month is textures. I love textures! I have lots and lots of texture pictures, so this is a very cool challenge for me. I already have 41 texture pictures this month and she only requires 10, hmm. 

Here is a composite of a few of my texture photos from last year. There has been some question as to what some of these textures are.

Clue: Food alternates with water and non-edible items. 

Top row: Green macaroni and cheese (Michelle made this for our Oscar's Ocean simulation and put octopus hotdogs on top, creative!), Juniper type plant along the side of the house, Walnuts to be used on top of the cookies Myra was making (she makes great cookies!), Calm water in our pool

Second Row: One of the kids in our pool kicking, Yummy berry smoothy in our blender - such a pretty swirl, weathered lava rock under our lemon tree, One of our spiky pineapple plants

Third Row: Guacamole (my kids think this picture is disgusting, but I think it has a certain draw), Concrete block/rock from our wall - like the kind they are putting on the side of COSTCO and Wal-Mart, One of the kids kicking as hard as they can in the pool

Last Row: Rock from a wall - only I think this one was a real rock not one of those fake ones, Popcorn (popcorn has a neat texture), Interior textured wall painted white, Very yummy chocolate cookie dough, mmmm


cjpeterson38 said...

Very interesting! Now, what are you going to do with it?

Mom5Kids said...

Well as far as the textures go - I've been using them to make backgrounds and layovers for papers.