Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Experiments 3+

 This is the first painting in a three painting series. I've been thinking of desert sand and rock.
This is the second painting of the series. The third painting is in progress. Since it wasn't my idea, and it involves perspective and some other things, it will be awhile before I get it done. Prodding always makes me take longer on a project "/

This is my newest Leaf Dragon. I am obviously having fun with my new watercolors here :)

Grass King is my newest scene. Also done in water colors. I thought about doing a wash first, started painting the scene, and then decided to forgo a wash. I was having fun and when I was done, that was it.
Made this today for a lady that took Megs and I around a week or two ago. I have to return some stuff to her, so this is going with the returned stuff.
These are for Jean. They are called hood-hood in one of my husband's Arabic children's books and hunt for bugs in the sand our 'lawn' is growing in. The second photo was taken through the screen door and so is not as clear, but you can see it's beak meets better.

More on the 'lawn'. Here they put down a layer of sweet sand (in other words it's clean, no salt) and then put plugs of grass (often Bermuda grass) in it. So water intensive grass is planted in quick draining medium. Interesting... This way of planting calls for several hours of watering in the morning and in the afternoon. Having grown up in water rationing areas and this being desert and all, I keep cringing. However, since they use desalinization plants for water, I'm told "Don't worry, this is the way they do it here." It's still hard not to cringe...

Have a great day!



retro said...

You really have been very busy recently and what a collection of interesting paintings you have to show for it. As always I particularly love your pretty dragon which is far less frightening than the thought of being pecked by one of the birds in your photos. These beaks really mean business...!

Mom5Kids said...

Thanks, retro!

With the kids of at school and DH's encouragement (plus all the blank walls here), I'm actually having a bit of time to go with my creativity.