Sunday, September 09, 2012

An Experiment

Well this is what I worked on this morning. The paper is plain old copy paper and the size is most of an A4 sheet (part of the top portion got torn while I was ironing the paper to dry it faster and I had to trim the paper). The water color affect is from markers (I don't have any paints or paintbrushes here, grrrr), the cheap kids BIPUNTA dual ended markers made in Italy. I had lots of fun coloring on my fingures and splashing color and water everywhere. My new desk top is now christened and so is the wall..... Then I inked in my design with an 03 Micron (I remembered to bring those!) and colored it in with my Prismacolor pencils. I think I may take up finger painting, it is much fun and stress relieving ;D

Have a blessed day,



Deb Ammerman said...

This is so cool Theta! I can tell you had fun with it! Love it!

Mom5Kids said...

Thanks, Deb!