Sunday, March 11, 2012

#4a WB2 Leaf Dragon Purple 54

Let me know what you think of this guy. I sketched him in my new waitbook and scanned the inked image. Then I opened it up in Illustrator and traced it. Afterwards, I moved the tracing to Photoshop and commenced coloring. I think it turned out okay, but I won't quit my day job just yet ;D  I am still planning on finishing the one in my waitbook 2 using colored pencils. It seemed to take a lot longer to color this guy on the computer than it would by hand. But there are definite advantages to doing it this way, especially because I now have a vector outline of my image which is extremely versatile. I don't know if I will color more this way now, but I think I will try to get them all traced before I color them. Doing so will give me more options later. A couple nice things about coloring this way is that there are no smudges, no white pencil tracks, and swirling the color is fun. The satisfaction I get from coloring is not there though.

Anyway, have a great and blessed day!



Deb Ammerman said...

oh, I have been way too busy! But I finally saw this guy! How cool! I love the way you swirled the color. I think as a computer graphic it is wonderful, and will be versatile in so many ways... however there is such a charm to your colored pencil sketches that just can't be duplicated electronically without a ton of time and effort, or at least some filters, which can do wonders in themselves, but still will not be exactly the same. But I do think it is a great idea to have both. Great job Theta! :)

Mom5Kids said...

Thanks, Deb!

I thought I'd be able to get a sketch up today, but o such luck, yet... I totally agree with your assessment of the two styles. I think I will like having the outlines to play with in the future either on the computer or printed onto a piece of drawing paper.

Jean said...

The digital dragon looks exquisite but I really miss the hand touch of the others. Looks like a great time for you to explore the various options.

Mom5Kids said...

Thanks, Jean!

I like the feeling of hand-drawn better. I have been drawing in my book, but have only inked a few and not colored any for awhile. The coloring and inking I do at home and I have been rather busy.

tralpha said...

I also miss the tactile connection which you speak of in the digital dragon.
The digital dragon is great art, tactile and digital.
From a old Greek admirer

Mom5Kids said...

Thanks, Tau!

Yeah, digi is great because it can be altered easily and printed out multiple times. But, I really like working with paper and colored mediums better.