Monday, January 23, 2012

Sketch #66 Leaf Dragon Green 15

A BIG thank you to my parents!

I went to visit my parents for a week and one of the spectacular things they did for me was purchase a new mac for me to pick up at our Hawaii store. It is still such a surprise and blessing. Transferring my 'stuff' over is a joyful chore and Apple was giving away printers with their macs at the time of purchase, and so now I have a dedicated printer to go with my mac.

This guy is the very first thing I scanned with the printer and cleaned up in CS3 (my first project on my new mac). The Apple people said CS3 wouldn't work in Lion, but it does. The Genius bar doesn't know everything.

Anyway, this computer runs much better (probably because it has lots of space) and once I get my kits off of the old one, the old one should run a lot better. No one else puts such a heavy load as I do in this house on the computers, so the old one should be fine for a while, although I think it needs the fan looked at.

So, thanks to my parents, I can now prep and post my sketches. I just have to have waiting or free time to sketch and finish them.


Jean said...

Yea, hurray for your parents and the new computer! The new leaf dragon is looking a bit tropical as is fitting.

Deb Ammerman said...

What a fabulous gift from your parents! I bet you are totally like geeking out! All that free space and a fast computer to play with! I'm so happy for you! Love the leaf dragon, and am looking forward to seeing more when you have time. :)

Mom5Kids said...

Thanks for the comments!

The new computer is great, the colors are correct and everything is saving okay (except the AppleWorks docs, I am going to have to save up and get iWorks which should solve that issue) I am so happy CS3 is working, now I just have to find time :)