Friday, January 27, 2012


Doodle using colored pencils on drawing paper, approximately 8x8

This is what I ended up with while trying out the colored pencils (Eagle Prismacolor) my dad gave me. I started out with the arcs which evolved eventually into hair. I like the pencils smoothness and blending.


Deb Ammerman said...

Oh, you are having fun with your new colored pencils! Fabulous doodle! There is nothing like new toys to spark creativity! :)

Jean said...

What a great experiment with the pencils. I think it could be a symbol of the year of the dragon. Looks like your "wait" time is going to be very interesting!

retro said...

I agree with Jean but if he´s a fire spitting dragon he looks a little startled by it himself! A nice friendly dragon and so beautifully blended.

Mom5Kids said...

Thanks, ladies!

Deb, you are right! I was feeling a bit down about the computer not working and everything else, December was a hard month. When my dad gave me the pencils I felt so much better and combining that with the promise of a new working computer when I got home, snapped me out of the doldrums. Things are still tough, but I can draw again and thus feel better :)

Jean, when I drew it I didn't even realize it was the year of the dragon - plus it was a metamorphosis from color trials to something more concrete.

Retro, I really like the way these pencils blend and lots of fun blending. I think perhaps my surprise at what it was turning out to be came out in the dragon :D