Thursday, December 01, 2011

Sketch #64 Leaf Dragon Green 13

This guy is an Oak Green Leaf Dragon. I had better finish his food soon, he's looking a bit peckish :)


Jean said...

Ahh, sweet! I like this new strain with that handsome oak leaf. Hope you're feeling better.

Deb Ammerman said...

He does look hungry or something... another fabulous Leaf Dragon! I agree with Jean, I like how you are using all the different leaves. Great job Theta. :)

retro said...

Uh oh. Better feed the charming creature before he devours his own tail.
Hope you´ve recovered from your (deadly) nightshade allergies. I used to be plagued with allergies as a child but in a totally different way. Tomatoes and strawberries, among others, brought me out in an itchy rash. I spent most of my choldhood scratching. Nowadays only insect bites bother me but only wasp and bee stings are life threatening.