Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

It's been a busy month! It started with my youngest breaking off his two front teeth, my eldest wrecking the Yaris (no-one was hurt, Praise God!, and the car will be fixed and returned in January, Praise God - it wasn't totaled), my youngest son getting his teeth fixed and three days later having one of the repairs pop off (it will be repaired in January), and the continued doctor visits for the youngest. He is learning and doing exercises for his old bladder issues. They seem to be working in that his muscles are getting stronger. The doctor says his muscles need to get stronger and he needs to learn to relax. This is going to take a while.

Mid-month the oldest two had finals. They seem to have done well and are very happy the semester is over. A4 has one more semester before graduation and M will be in her second semester of her first year. First semester of next year, M is planning on going to France as an exchange student.

Ab, Cy, and Megs have been working hard to finish up some of their work before the end of the year - preferably before tomorrow, so they can have next week off :)

Tutoring has been going well. The kids are great - especially once they get their confidence up and feel good about themselves.

Now as to why I haven't been posting, sometime shortly after the previous post, my computer stopped working properly. It has started freezing. It won't save my photoshop files and will only work with pdf's if I restart the computer. I'm not exactly sure what is wrong with it, it seems unstable. In Libya I had to replace the hard drive and there may be complications from that process. I have run some diagnostics on it and it says it is fine. In January I'll get more serious about fixing it :)

Pastor Derrick led us to this great Bible website:
The dramatic reading of the Bible is fabulous and they have reading programs as well that are individualized (I am going through a parenting one). We all enjoy listening.

Have a great Christmas and New Year!



Jean said...

Merry Christmas to you all! You have been missed while you were so busy and the computer acted up. Hope you get a smoother set of days and a fix for the technology.

Mom5Kids said...

Hopefully things will settle down to a bit of routine now that Christmas is over and I am back home. I hope your new year is going well :)