Monday, February 18, 2008

Some New Layouts and I've been sick!
Well actually just about everybody in the house has been sick. DH had the influenza and so did my eldest DS. The girls have been fighting it off fairly effectively. The littlest two came down with fevers and malaise. Omega threw up with the version he had, yuck! Now that we are better I have finished some layouts.

The first layout is of Noe and Kai, the credits can be seen here. The big kids put Kai on Noe's back. She bounced all around, spinning and going up and down. It was quite an exciting adventure for Kai. 

The layout for January 16th is about God's promise of the rainbow. We see many beautiful rainbows here in Hawaii. Find the credits here.
A pair of Cardinals showed up to eat the apple Annabelle had put out to dry. It was fun to watch them eat, but hard to get a picture, they were very skittish. Find the credits for Cardinals here.

The pictures for Fun were taken at the Johnson Ohana on the Fullerton's last evening with us. The kids had a blast, still not realizing that their friends were moving. 

At the beginning of January Dad got new bike tires. They are some sort of composite material that is shaped into semi-solid tires. These pictures were taken after a week of his use. I found lots and lots of thorns, rocks, and glass stuck in his tires. No wonder he was getting flats nearly every day with regular tires!

The last layout is of Michelle and me right before she moved. I miss her a lot.

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Michelle said...

We miss you guys tons!!! Great to see pics. The girls are still in the midwest, but coming out on Thurs--didn't realize how much I would miss them during this time. Keep posting!!--I love to see everyone!!