Saturday, November 10, 2007

This layout I did for Marcee's Holiday Challenge. I chose to do the game theme as the boys really enjoy playing Connect Four together (they actually love to play any game) and their reactions are great. When Cyril got four in a row Omega was so shocked. He couldn't believe it.Click here for the credits for Connect Four.
This layout I did for the Deco-Pages Newsletter Challenge. This pot is the only piece left from my college ceramics class. Even though it is cracked and chipped I still hang onto it. It brings back a lot of memories. Now that I have scrapped it, if something happens to it I won't feel quite so sad.Click here for the credits for My Pot.
This alyout I did for the CAC Challenge that Lorene Hill puts on. This time we were supposed to use three pictures of ourselves and a piece of ephemera. It was also suposed to be introspective and in an art journal style. I had a lot of fun creating this layout. Someday I will be able to get back onto pastel painting and other fine arts. Right now I am enjoying creating digi kits, which are definitely not messy and easy to pick up and put away.Click here for the credits for Face It!
This layout is my third for the November Color Challenge. Dana's kit for the Color Challenge is absolutely fabulous! This was an interesting rainbow as it showed up just as the sun was setting, so the clouds were turning orange and the rainbow was shing bright among them.Click here for the credits for Rainbow Sunset.

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K.T. Scraps said...

WOW.... you are one prolific scrapper, Theta.... great layouts.... Thanks for sharing your thoughts and creations with us!!!