Sunday, November 04, 2012

New family member ;D and a painting

Okay so October flew by like an red-orange leaf in a windstorm. Last week I didn't paint: the family was home over Eid AND we acquired a new family member. It has been in the works for a while and is a promise full-filled to my daughter on moving here (we are still looking for the 'right' cat). Transportation to and from is still a bit of an issue, but we will work it out.
Saba Al Hasa
He is a lovely 2 year old beautifully tempered Arabian. We are very excited to welcome him into our family and looking forward to our new adventures with him.

This is a painting I did in October experimenting with water color and acrylics. I used my Cotman 16 x 12 in. cold pressed water color block. This size fits perfectly in the frames I get from IKEA. As you can see I chose to represent one o my dragons in a pose I haven't exhibited before. The jury is still out, but I think he is a bit too far to the right. He disturbs the symmetry too much, but that is what experimenting is all about - trying new things, making mistakes, regrouping, and moving right along.

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