Monday, March 10, 2008

The Wild Things Brag BooK Pages are now up in the store. They are so neat! Makes me want to go to the zoo all over again.

We have been so busy! The guys are both back from their trip back east, Myra's birthday party went well, my mom's 1st back surgery went great, and tons of other stuff is going on. We're going to miss Mackenzie having her birthday party on Cyril's birthday (they have the same birth date), so I am planning on having Cy's party on his birthday this year. It's on a Wednesday, which will work out great since the school kids get out early that day and some are on break.I'm planning on decorating the house like an ice cream parlor and the kids can make sundays or something. Should be fun. Hope you all are having a great March!

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Michelle said...

We wanna come!! An ice cream parlor sounds cool--if we were there, we would lend you our artic twister machine :) We are going down to NC to celebrate Kenzie's birthday the following weekend--it will be the first time we have celebrated her birthday with her cousins. For her birthday we are hoping to be in the house and have her room painted (we talked her into blue:) Noe's room will be lavendar--still working on what the other colors in the house will be--I am trying to avoid having any white walls after all the renting we have done :) We miss you guys bunches!!!