Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wow, I've been busy!

We have been terribly busy! I have some new tutees and I finished a 3 posting freebies for Deco-Pages posters. One each for 25, 100, and 500 posts. (You can't see these {except here, he, he} or get them unless you have enough posts at Deco-Pages.) Then I had a ton of goodies left over so I created a mega-kit with them. See my Winter Celebration Kit in the Deco-Pages store here. Its over 100MB, has 25 papers, and lots of elements (all the ones I couldn't fit in the freebies!) Actually there's more, and sometime I might get them up - there's a bunch of swirls and designs and an alpha - All metalics. I hit the metalic feel perfect and played with my 'liqiud silver' for quite some time.
Myra finally finished her Christmas gifts and has started working with me on gifts for our relatives on island. I still haven't finished the ones for our family mainland:( Only good thing is that they, sad as it is, don't expect us to get their gifts to them on time anymore. Christmas cards are not going out htis year, maybe I'll do some 4 of July ones! I'm still working on the Sea Fishing Kit. It's actually been about done for months, but I haven't finished the book I'm making for Captain Bobby, Harry, and Alex for winning the Hoters tournement. I have to have that done before Christmas and preferably before tomorrow! Then I can get the kit up, which will be great.
I added Tertia's new blog, Enchanted Pixels, to my favorite places to visit. She is starting a photography studio and has some cool photo ideas.

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